Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Good Times

Well it's been a red-letter day for me so far here on Atlanta's streets.

It started out kind of slow because when I was begging for change yestersday, nobody'd give me nothing. Then this morning, I was sitting in front of the capitol building drinking a styrofoam cup of coffee courtesdy of the shelter, People just kept dropping quarters in my cup. Talk a bout a mixed blessing. I made a buck fifty in about ten minutes, but I had coffee splashed all over my face and down my shirt and nobody even noticed.

Plus the bulk of the $1.50 went towards another cup of coffee.

Later, though, some bigwig dropped a ten note on his way out of his taxi, and I found a fiver stuck in a bush at Piedmont Park.

My buddy, Charlie-Boy, and me gonna eat big time tonight, lemme tell you.

I loves my Big Mac.

Plus, I just found a cooler with a whole half of a lid that somebody just threw away. Can you believe it? A cooler! I'm keeping my good luck charms and my leftovers in it now (they won't let me bring it in here in the library, but I got it hid outside in the bushes until I'm done here).

That's about it from the streetside, folks.

Thanks for reading.


P.S. One thing, though, I been hearing some strange noises out by the Park at night. Probably just dogs, though.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hey y'all. I'm a bum.

My name is Elbert Markey, and I ain't got no home.

But I sure am glad blogger give me this blog for free.

Also the library lets me use the computers and stuff here so long as I don't beg the folks for change and stuff.

Also I gotta use the one that fartherest away from all the other folks in the library, but that's okay.

I love my privacy anyway.

Now I just gotta figure how to get one of them comment things on my blog.Maybe Leverett'll help me do that since he's got one on his.